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Custom Guitar Boutique Chats With Randy Angella
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Michael Lorimer, Concert Classical Guitarist and Teacher's hard for me to imagine your improving on your best previous work. ...Those guitars have got what other luthiers are spending their lives looking for. Just make more of them.

Douglas Kincade, Classical Guitar Player
Randy, I just bought this guitar from Ed Bridge, replaced the Augustine Reds, and can't say enough good things about it. It's gorgeous. Outstanding, clear, balanced, forceful, ringing, pianistic instrument, already; and will be my mainstay for a long time to come. It does everything I want, and responds intelligently, with dignity. It's even strongly built, unlike some of the graham crackers out there. And very playable over its high action.

Thank you for your care, skill, and intelligence in making such a fine instrument. And dang. You should get to eavesdrop on some of the talk that surrounded this acquisition.

Bridge Guitars
I will say for the price this may be one of the best guitars I've had... Very old school guitar and great.... Did I say that before? It's new and has to be played. Looks like a Hauser on the outside and a Fleta on the inside. -