Lisa Angella with Angella Guitar #132
Mission Statement

During the past 32 years of guitar building my guitars have evolved as my appreciation and understanding of the music has changed. At the heart of my building there has always been the desire to produce guitars that allow the performer to express himself without regard to any limitations the guitar may impose. Rather than being overly concerned with creating the perfect sound in regards to timbre, I rely on high quality woods and a proven design to produce a timbre that will capture the attention and please the audience. My intention as a builder is to build beyond just the sound and produce guitars that have deeper and more complex , guitars that, in the words of an old friend, "have trebles that are in love with the bases". Guitars capable, in the words of Fernando Sor, of being able to "play music that has the base and other parts of the harmony always proceeding correctly".

Hyden was known to have composed examples of his music on the classical guitar as he viewed the guitar as a small orchestra. It is this characteristic of orchestration that I seek to enhance in the guitars that I build. It is after all the one characteristic of the Classical guitar that separates it from the other classical solo instruments.  

R. Angella